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Pokemon Unite

4.4 | Action

Merge Dinosaurs

4.2 | Casual

Mega Tower

4.1 | Strategy

Pinata Masters

4.3 | Casual

Editor's Picks

Iron Snout

4.4 | Strategy

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting fighting game that you can play for hours, then you must not miss the chance to play Iron Snout.


4.4 | RPG

In this role-playing game, you’ll be diving into the Heian times of Japan. Here, you’ll take the role of a legendary onmyoji named Abe no Seimei,

Romance Club

4.2 | Adventure

This adventure game, as the game title suggests, brings you an interactive game storytelling experience. If you’re ready, prepare yourself for a mood of romance by continuing reading.

Sweet Candy

4.4 | Puzzle

Match-three games are here to entertain us every time we’re bored. These are the kind of games that excite us, that won’t make you feel stressed, and can give you the satisfaction of completing a level. Moreover, it’s all about hitting the goal to complete the level.

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